We’re experienced foster parents, and we’ll continue to foster a fun and loving environment.

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Nicole is like sunshine!

About Nicole by Jared

Nicole is the warm hug that everyone needs. When she isn’t singing Broadway show tunes, she is making people laugh, or sorting them into Hogwarts houses. She is organized, empathetic, and a natural mediator. Nicole is a strong and passionate advocate for our foster children and is an amazing mother.

• With a BA in Communication, and Minor in Psychology, Nicole is certified in the Theory and Practice of Child Life (play therapy).

• Primarily a stay-at-home mom, Nicole authors children’s books through her nonprofit, Colie Creations. She has lots of flexibility to be with the kids.

Jared is an enthusiastic participant at dance class.

About Jared by Nicole

Watching Jared parent our foster children, dogs, and be an uncle to our nieces and nephew has been a joy. His drive, magnetic smile, and sense of humor made me fall in love with him! He’s safety-focused, well-researched, and ensures our family has the best of the best. Jared has inspired me to be unapologetically myself and any child would be lucky to have him as a dad.

• Jared, a nerd’s nerd, earned a BS in Computer Science and MS in Cyber Security.

• He currently works from home as a Cyber Security Risk Manager.

Storytime with our current foster child, a seven-month-old baby boy nicknamed “Baby K.”

• We’re licensed foster parents – we’ve now fostered 11 children.

• Nicole’s mother, Patty, lives with us!

• We adore fostering, and are excited to welcome a child home permanently!